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Protect and save my data
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Data Backup

Make sure your valuable files are protected against damage, loss or accidental erasing. Bring your computer in and have an Agent secure up to 9.4GB of your data, photos, videos, music and games. Unlimited backup available. Ask an Agent for details.

$65 N / A

Data Transfer

Need to move files from an old PC to a new one? We'll help you do it seamlessly, making sure you don't lose a single file in the process and we'll show you how to access the data that has been moved. Includes transfer of up to 9.4GB of data.

$45 $109

Online Data Backup

Our online data backup service lets you transfer and back up your important files to our secure online server via a high-speed internet connection. Use your password to access your files from anywhere. Share large files easily, without clogging up e-mail accounts. Files are stored off site, so your data is protected from theft, fire, flood, or other natural disaster.

N / A $79
$2 per GB
backed up.